Excerpts from Navigating the Cs of Your Leader-ship

View brief clips (below) of Colin speaking at the “Strategies from Industry Leaders in an Era of Change Conference” in Reston, VA, sponsored by Ultimate Software.

Interviewed By Shade Ashani on career, coaching, and living

Articles & Publications

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      • “How Often Should Your Remote Employees Meet Face to Face?,” Flexjobs, January 2018.
      • “The Prehire Conversation You Should Be Having and Likely Aren’t,” October 2017, click.
      • “Daphne The Stranger: Courage Embodied,” July 2017, click.
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      • “The Lessons of Lent: What We Really SHOULD Give up!,” Feb 2016, click.
      • “The What vs. How of Career Success & Performance Management: A Quick Primer on Courageous Conversations,” Feb 2016, click.
      • “Coping with a Demotion and Other Bad News,” dice.com, July 2015
      • “Leadership Trivia Crack & The Power of First Guessing,” on Ultimate Software’s People First Blog, July 2015
      • “Getting at the Heart of Employee Engagement,” on Ultimate Software’s People First blog, April 2015
      • “Making Teleworking Work: The Magic Wand for Ensuring Success with Remote Team Members,” on Ultimate Software’s People First blog, February 2015
    • Quoted in “Fun Works: Creating Places Where People Love to Work,” by Leslie Yerkes, 2007

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