Move Forward With Coaching

Colin offers coaching to individuals who come from a broad range of backgrounds and situations.

Coaching involves partnering with a client to identify desired areas of change and development, establish goals, and design observation and behavioral practices that help the client move forward toward sustainable change and success.

The coach is responsible for creating a safe, confidential, compassionate and challenging space for the client to explore where they are and where they wish to go; the coach then partners with the client to co-create the path to get there.

Working with the client’s inherent capabilities, the coach seeks to draw forth the best of the client’s behaviors, thoughts, and feelings to forge a new, better way of being and living. Using conscious awareness and choice, clients can and do create the life and success they seek.

I offer the following types of coaching:

  • Leadership and Executive Coaching
  • Management Development Coaching
  • Career / Life Coaching

My Coaching Stance:

As a coach, I embody compassionate challenge in helping people find their way forward. This means that we are wholly focused on your goals and what you believe success looks like; I seek to create a safe, challenging and compassionate space to move you into deeper and more powerful awareness and action toward your goals.

What is a coaching program like?

Depending on the goals of the client, a coaching program will typically last three to six months, with periodic in-person or phone meetings facilitated by the coach. In between the client will engage in a variety of observational and behavioral exercises in support of the changes necessary to achieve his/her goals.

How much is a coaching program?

I am happy to have an introductory conversation to talk about your situation and propose a program that meets your needs and budget. Contact me to discuss the options.

What if I want just one or a few sessions?

Some clients have a very particular, short-term issue they want to focus on for a very limited time. This is also possible to accommodate. Fees would be based on an hourly rate for each session.

What clients are saying:

“Colin led me on a guided tour of personal change through his coaching expertise that was relevant for all aspects of my life — professional and personal.  He listens well, asks the right questions and can observe behaviors in such a way that the learner can move through a development process with clear and practical goals in sight.” – Sr. Director of Talent & Organizational Development at a global non-profit

“Colin has an uncanny ability to connect conversations and concerns in a way that helps me see patterns of thinking and behavior that I had never previously considered. He reads between the lines and asks targeted questions that direct my thoughts and actions for both leadership development and personal happiness and growth. He truly listens and then shares his observations in a clear, concise way. He holds me accountable and yet is always supportive and engaging. He offers creative ideas for problem solving and personal introspection that fit my personality. His background and broad experience allows him to draw on many areas of expertise to address critical issues.  I owe a great deal of my career turnaround to Colin’s insights and coaching.” – CEO of a global non-profit

“Colin’s insightfulness, skills, genuine concern, and encouragement strengthened me and enabled me to uncover truths about myself. I can honestly say our work together completed a 180 for me, and I’m not looking back.” – Project Manager of Adolescent Medicine Research Study (life coaching client)