Workshops for Your Workforce

From an hour to several days, Colin has a wide variety of topics and tools available, and he can design a workshop, series or long-term development program to meet your leadership, management and team building needs. Although meaningful and substantive, Colin’s approach makes these “Fun-shops.”

Navigating the Cs of Your Leader-ship: As a coach and facilitator, I embody compassionate challenge in helping leaders find their way forward, and I have created an experiential workshop based on my own leadership and coaching journey. The workshop takes the stance that leadership is personal; every person has a unique voice and presence as a leader. Working to bring that forth allows leaders to navigate with purpose and presence – whether on calm seas or in the midst of the storm. Further, leadership isn’t something that you do – it’s something you “be” in all facets of your life, professionally and personally.

The program: Your leader-“ship” doesn’t sail in the right direction without a few key instruments. The experience includes:

  • A facilitated discussion about leadership
  • Context setting around the concepts of the “emotional wake” and “emotional bank account” that we as leaders leave behind us in our daily interactions
  • The power of language and our unique ability as human beings to use language to create our reality – individually and collectively; including discussion of how language creates pathways in our brain that either move us toward or away from our goals
  • Three tools that leaders can use to sail their leader-ship:

The Captain’s Wheel: a leadership declaration of who you want to be as a leader

Your Compass: Specific pathways to making your leadership declaration real; attributes or ways of being you can use at any moment to help you show up in alignment with your declaration

Courage (the leader’s North Star): When all else fails, and sailors are lost at sea, they can navigate home by the North Star. I believe the next leading edge of leadership is about connecting with the heart where courage lives. Leaders who do so can nurture themselves on an ongoing basis and lead whole people as a whole person. Mind and heart partnering together.

This material can be presented in a variety of formats and lengths (from keynote address to several day workshop) and tailored to your organization’s needs.

Other Workshop Offerings:

  • SOAR: Success Through Observer, Action, Results:  A comprehensive, highly interactive training program for leaders, managers, and employees. It is designed to provide a new set of tools for immediately creating a culture of commitment and accountability.Conducted by a Certified SOAR Trainer, these programs are highly interactive sessions where leaders, teams, and employees will learn how to:
    • Create and sustain a culture of commitment and accountability.
    • Dramatically improve professional and personal relationships.
    • Expand self-awareness and self-responsibility, as well as improve emotional well-being.
    • Increase the ability to learn, adapt, and innovate.
    • Improve employee alignment, engagement, and talent retention.
  • The What and How of Career & Performance Management – Courageous Conversations to Get Team Members Back On Track: Employees want to know where they stand and managers all too often don’t have the courageous conversations necessary to keep performance maximized or get a derailing employee back on track. Using simple dialogue techniques, we’ll make that happen!
  • Collaborative Communication for Success:  Effective partnerships and results come from clear agreements held in mutual regard.
  • Resilience: Bringing Your B.E.S.T. Self to Work and Life: Understanding that our internal journey manifests externally, this workshop explores resilience as a way of being through our body, emotion, spirit and thoughts. Cultivating each of those pathways creates congruence and greater resilience through more purposeful, choiceful living.
  • Managing as a Coach: All workers, particularly recent generations, respond to managers who coach for success. Exploring the distinctions between management and coaching and putting coaching skills into practice will empower participants to choose which stance to take in a given situation.
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) & Teams: The MBTI provides a powerful common language and lens through which to view and productively use similarities and differences to enhance collaboration, mutual understanding and regard, and team performance.
  • Emotional Intelligence, Leadership & Teaming: Using the EQ-i 2.0 instrument, leaders, managers, and teams can experience the power of deepening their emotional skills to enhance their leadership presence, influence and success as individuals and teams.
  • Thriving Through Change: The Personal Journey: Life is change, work is change, and the ability to transition quickly and powerfully through change is a key success factor in today’s world. By helping people understand the inner journey of change and the four fundamental pathways (body, emotion, spirit and thought/mindset), participants will learn how to keep their best self in the driver’s seat through transitions and experiment with how to use each of the four pathways in creating powerful change.
  • Unlocking the Power of Your Emotions: Using the Five Ways Forward EmAction Model©, participants will learn how to be aware of their emotions and work through and with them in healthy and productive ways.
  • The Power of Perspective: How we make meaning and view the world has tremendous impact on how we show up as leaders and people. Through interactive exercises and courageous dialogue, participants will deepen awareness of their perspective and create space for more powerful choice. We will explore learning to learn and the fixed vs. growth mindset.

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